Birthday Party Q & A's

Frequently Asked Questions About Birthday Parties

Question: Do parents who are staying for the party but NOT skating have to pay?
Answer: No, if parents are just coming and not skating, they are FREE. If you wish to pay for them, then we charge you the fee for them to skate $7.00 and that includes rental skates if needed. If you choose to put them on the party package, then you pay price of party package. If you choose NOT to pay for any adults who may want to skate, then they would have to pay full price for skating and skate rental at our front ticket office to skate.

Question: Do you have freezer/refrigeration for cakes?
Answer: We do not have the refrigeration space. We do not recommend ice cream cakes, as they melt very quickly, and we provide you already with ice cream. It's part of the package. Please remember that we only allow you to bring in a cake or cupcakes, no other outside food or drinks can be brought in. We do give complimentary pitchers of water if needed.

Question: How soon do I need my deposit and contract in?
Answer: We need a deposit of $40.00 when booking your party. We accept Visa, MC and Discover. Your signed contract (just the back bottom portion of contract) should be returned to us within one week after you book your party. You may fax, email or mail the contract to us. You must have a signed contract in to us or your party may be cancelled.

Question: When is my final count due?
Answer: We would like the final count 5 days prior to the party. We do realize things may change after that, so you still may call to confirm with us up to two days before. Please remember you must pay within 2 guests of what you confirm for. So if you say 20, you will have to pay for 18 whether they come or not. SO, be sure to call and confirm with us!! You only get reserved seating for the number of kids you confirm for.

Question: What time should I arrive to the
rink day of my party?
Answer: Hosts of the birthday party should arrive 10 minutes before the session starts,
this way we can let your guests in on time. We cannot let anyone in from your party until you arrive.

Question: What should I bring the day of the party?
Answer: We suggest that you bring some quarters so all the coats and shoes can be put in lockers. You may put as much as you can in each locker, but we do not allow coats and shoes to remain in our snack bar area.

We do have a quarter machine that takes singles if you need quarters. Also, don't forget to bring everything you need for your dessert. Candles, matches, plates, forks & cake server (if needed). Although we do have items in case you forget yours, a nominal fee will be charged. Balloons and table clothes are also fine to bring. We do ask that all balloons be secured to balloon weight or tables. Please make sure that no balloons get loose, where they can get stuck in our ceiling fans.

Please note that our front office closes one hour prior to the end of all our sessions. If you wish to skate, you must be here before that last hour.

Please note that we do have a $10.00 minimum on all credit card transactions. ATM on premises.

No outside food or drinks are allowed into the rink. Lockers are available for all your personal belongings. Personal belongings cannot be left in our snack bar area.